Hurricane Season Pending – Trading Commodities?

Although Tropical Storm Don came and went, we are now entering the 3-4 month period of the western Atlantic Hurricane season.  All eyes then on the cash crops of oranges and cotton, which are extremely sensitive to the threat (let alone the reality) of hurricanes.

It was only last year when both Cotton and Orange Juice massively spiked, due to a sudden combination of hurricane activity and in the case of Orange Juice, hurricane borne crop disease.

This season the market traded price for both cotton and orange juice is very much subdued – in both cases at almost half the value of last season’s peak. That frankly does not leave much room on the downside, and conversely plenty of room on the upside.

With the hurricane season predicted by many sources to be very active this year, we feel it’s just a matter of time before fear stalks the market once again.  Of course, timing is everything where financial trades and concerned; but our financial trading service can certainly help with that as we monitor both the hurricane season and commodity price reactions.

For now watch the space, but if you genuinely wish to profit from the greatest storms on Earth, then you might like to visit our Financial Trading Service page (under Our Services)






Summer about to depart our shores

Summer 2017 maybe yet to start across parts of the north, but so far southern and especially south eastern areas have done fairly well, with plenty of fine, warm and sunny weather on offer during the last 6-7 weeks. Things are now about to change however, the playing field is about to be levelled, but sadly not in a good way.

Rather than watching summer spread north and expand/consolidate its influence, what we are going see from midweek is the complete opposite, with low pressure setting up shop over or close to the UK and giving us all an unwanted taste of early autumn.

Once the thundery rain and/or showers associated with the warmth and humidity of early this week has been swept away, all areas will become noticeably cooler and fresher, with showers or longer spells of rain. Some of this rain is likely to be heavy and perhaps thundery at times, especially across the north and west, but even the more sheltered southern and eastern areas of England look very unlikely to escape some occasional downpours.

Not really the kind of news we want to hear with kids about to break up and the main holiday season about to swing into top gear, but this is the great British weather we’re talking about and I’m sure we’ll cope with it as stoically and as admirably as usual….let’s face it, we’re not exactly short of practice!!


We have now crunched the weather numbers over 19,000 football matches and as well as the main impact criteria, we now have a firm understanding of how circa 25% of matches in the 5 main European leagues react to various impacting weather scenarios over the course of a season… AND IT IS SIGNIFICANT!  

Within the Asian Handicap (AH) market, and according to what elements of weather impacts and to what degree, we can now accurately advise clients of opportunities re match supremacy and goal supremacy in every match.

The data and the entire AH service will be available to our bookmaker and syndicate clients upon request; moreover it’s  also be available to new clients.

So, if you want a true and definitive edge in your AH football betting, then take AH weather with you!

Please feel free to look at our football betting page on the services list for more, where and ahead of the new European season, we will be explaining more about AH and weather impact.



Mini Heatwave Unfolding for England/Wales… then thunderstorms

Mid July will see another dose of very warm/hot humid weather impact on England and Wales after the 15th – with the southeast and eastern parts of England particularly prone.

In the early to mid part of the week starting Monday 17th July, expect max temps in the general countrywide range of 20-25 deg C, but those hot spots (particularly in SE England)  could well see 30 deg C (86F), ahead of a breakdown with showers and thunderstorms for the many Wednesday and Thursday 19th/20th July.

The chequered summer continues!

Cryptocurrency payments a move in the right direction for BWS

All things being well, it is the intention of British Weather Services to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Litecoin and Ether at some point in 2018, by way of payment for our services.

We believe this is the future and are keen to move in this direction, once the necessary logistical and financial hurdles have been jumped within the UK.

BWS will have a ‘hard wallet’ by September 2017 and will begin small scale exchanges soon after.


What happens at 32 deg C?

32 deg. C.  Things happen.

The obvious:  Increased sales of ice cream, bottled water, sofa drinks, fans, lager, hats, salads, shorts, flip flops, bbq gear, deodorant, sunglasses, fish, zoo/park/swimming pool visitors etc.

The not so obvious:  More old people die; beach/river and lake accidents increase; shops, theatres and cinemas suffer (at least for a time), sales of coffee, red wine and beef fall; there are more crimes of a sexual and road rage nature.

If you want to measure the impact of weather on your business during heatwaves and at other times, please take a look here and feel free to drop us a line -:




Kensington Fire: Prelim Weather Analysis

Initial analysis confirms that strong geostrophic winds appear NOT to have been a factor in the rapid spreading of the flames.

Surface winds at the time were generally light south-easterly, though it is possible that the intense heat could have created localised air pressure differentials and consequential gusting within stairways and corridors.

Otherwise, weather conditions were fine and dry.

*** If we can produce a preliminary assessment, so perhaps can other professionals in their own areas of expertise.

Measure the impact of the weather on your business

The weather can make or break businesses, much the same as the economy and political uncertainty.  The higher degree of sensitivity to the weather the greater the potential for making capital or falling off a cliff.  That’s particularly true at this time of year, when fine weather is responsible for a wide range of sales of high summer goods and services.

BUT, in order to know what to expect you first have to measure the impact on your business by looking back and comparing various elements of the weather to footfall and sales.  For example, know what happened when the temperature reached 25 or 30 deg. C. Know what happened when there was a rainy weekend. Know what happened when the sun shined or skies remained cloudy.

Whatever the weather, knowing the past gives you the best possible crystal ball into the future and a massive advantage.

Here at BWS we can look back daily/monthly for a year or a decade and provide you with the data for those all-important comparison.

So, it’s up to you. Guess and trade blind, or data check and have a firm prediction of what’s going to happen in all types of weather.





If you care about reducing air pollution – think twice where you put your X

As we say in our Company Statement, we will challenge companies, governments and  politicians where we believe they are damaging the Earth or the people that inhabit it – in respect of climate change, the environment etc.  In this case it’s the Conservative manifesto that deserves our wrath, with hardly anything in it to tackle poor air quality beyond planting a few more trees.

Up to 40,000 people die of air pollution every year in the UK due to poor air quality and poisonous gases being released into the atmosphere. The Conservative Party is paying lip-service to a very serious problem and that is plainly not good enough.

The full story can be read in the Independent ariticle below, but if you have a vote and care about the environment, when it comes to it think very carefully who deserves your vote.