Well the first storm of Autumn delivered the wind and rain as predicted this weekend and not unsurprisingly it also delivered the goods as far as weather related sporting bets were concerned.  

Friday evening saw all the predicted total points UNDERS coming in on the RU and RL games we flagged up, with the singles and multiples giving a few of the bookies that don’t use our services a really good hiding.     All these opportunties were tweeted prior to KO’s – by way of showing that we don’t simply shout after the event.  So to those that took heed and ‘got on’ well done; to those that didn’t, well there’s always next time….so take a look at what we do and feel free to jump on board because free tip tweets are not something we will be doing very often.

Saturday saw something of a lull in the weather and a consequent lull in wet weather related betting, but the rain returned on Sunday and so did the opportunitites.  However, to prove there is no panacea all three RU games came in over the total points spread, due primarily to a plastic pitch in one instance and probably not quite enough weather in the other two; but taken in the overall round these made no significant dent in weekend profits.  Just to prove things can also go adrift in other sports, last night’s rain affected NFL contest in Chicago came in well over the 42pt line, but to be fair it was a bit of a strange game all round with 14pts being scored inside the first 3 mins! (poor defence).

On the football front,  the fine and  dry window on Saturday produced an opportunity of another kind, with benign weather tending to dry up goals in the Premiership…..tweeted before the 3 p.m. KO’s.  You see, a damp or wet pitch makes for more goals with the ball zipping around, whilst defenders fall around but quiet weather more often than not helps defenders and goalkeepers alike – esp. in the top divisions.   Meanwhile, a windy game at Southampton made for something of a sterile mockery.  Lesson there is that windy games often result in few if any goals.

Bottom line.  Weather counts in sports betting and that’s why we supply 6 major global bookmakers.

If you want to come oboard and try our services, then simply drop us a line  at -: sports@britishweatherservices.co.uk